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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hurricanes and floods


Dark clouds are never a good sign, especially if a hurricane is coming your way. Most of you know about the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. So, what do you do AFTER the hurricane?

I found some information from American Lung Association. They have a section on hurricane and flooding, called "After the Disaster." They want everyone to be careful, especially if you already have lung problems. They list a few things to watch for BEFORE you start to clean up.

  • DON'T ENTER THE BUILDING unless it's been cleared by a building inspector. They also say to GET OUT if you hear the building shifting
  • IF YOU SMELL GAS, call the gas company and don't go back in until they tell you it's safe
  • IF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT GOT WET, turn off the power and wait for an inspector to tell you it's safe
  • CLEANING UP CAN BE HEAVY AND HOT WORK and you can run into surprises, so don't go in alone. Don't go in if you have allergies, asthma, or any other lung disease. 
Remember, that when you have asthma, your body can't tolerate what "normal" people can. Our bodies like to over-react to things that we breathe in. And there is usually a lot of mold and other things in the air after flooding and hurricanes.

This is just the start to their information. To read more, click here.

And please be careful!