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Friday, December 9, 2011

Real or artificial Christmas tree for asthma?


What do you use for Christmas trees when you have asthma? Do you use a real tree or artificial? Often times, having asthma means you also have allergies, and my kids are allergic to anything that's alive. Well, there is one exception-during my daughter's skin test for allergies, we did find out that's she's not allergic to rats. So Shot Nurse cheerfully told us that we could get a pet rat for our daughter! Pass.

So, back to trees, since the kids (and Hubby and I) are allergic to so many different things (including trees) do we chance trying to use a real tree one year? Son #2 has completed his 5 years worth of allergy shots and daughter Kitty is about 3 years into having allergy shots. We used to get real trees when the kids were little, but they were always sick during that time too. So was it just that the kids were younger and they needed to build up their immune system? Or were they always sick in the winter because of the Christmas tree?

We switched to an artificial tree about 15 years ago. Yes, it's the same tree, and it's a little sparse. Every year Hubby and I say "we should get a new tree! This one is starting to look like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree." But then something else will come along that takes a bite out of our budget. This year it looks like my lovely mini van needs new tires.

We keep the tree carefully boxed up from year to year, and let it air out before we bring it in the house. Sometimes I end up spraying it with Febreeze if it has that 'I have been stored away for a year' smell.

For those of you who have asthma, what do you use for Christmas? A real tree or artificial? Any good (or bad) stories with either kind of tree?

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would love to hear them.


  1. Of course I'm allergic to real trees, and I find that artificial ones are even worse due to dust. Having an artificial tree works fine, although I have to bite my pride and let my wife and kids set it up.

    1. We pack our tree up tightly every year. Then the next Christmas, we spray it off with the house before we bring it in the house. (We've had mild winters lately) If it's too cold for that, we stick the tree in the shower and spray it off there! It's worked well for us so far!

      Hope your tree turned out, sometimes it can be interesting when the kids decorate it!

    2. I agree with you. My daughter has severe asthma.she is allergic to all trees and all grass. She has been taking the shots almost a year now. The problem is everyone wants a real tree. I told everyone I need talk to the doctor first. I'm really scared they will get one before I talk to him.

    3. You have to do what's right for you. We haven't had a real tree in over 15 years! And Christmas is still just as fun.

      Once you get used to the artificial tree, they aren't so bad!

      What's the point of having a real tree if she's going to be stuffed up, having itchy eyes and asthma problems all Christmas season?

      Most people don't understand how it feels to fight allergies and asthma. You have to be her voice.
      Good luck!