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Friday, December 2, 2011

Allergy vent filters


I was at Asthma Doc's office yesterday with daughter, Kitty, who was getting her weekly allergy shots. I notice a new magazine on the table and was thumbing through it. It carries products for 'Environmental Control & Allergy Avoidance Products.' I noticed that we already use most of the products listed in their catalog. We have dust mite proof mattress covers, dust mite proof pillow cover and pillows. Air purifiers and a special filter on our furnace.

However, I have noticed a lot of dust in my house. Especially since I have a dark wood finish on my furniture-that light coating of dust drives me crazy. Especially when the sun hits it just right. I feel like I am always wiping down the tops of tables and dressers.

I'm going to try the vent filters and see if they make a difference. They claim that the filters 'stop dust and other allergens from entering your home.' I thought that's what the filter on my new furnace was supposed to be doing, but maybe I need to check out that filter and see how efficient it is.

Has anyone ever tried using vent filters under their air conditioning and heating ducts? I guess I'll try it out, if it can cut down the time I spend dusting (one of my asthma triggers) then it will be worth it.

Now if that company will just update the photo on their website and get rid of the pink carpet.


  1. Just take care with dust and dirt because it may create problems for you. Those products you have seen in the magazine and catalog are looks good. So it would be good for you to use them.
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  2. It's worth trying once to see how it works, right?!