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Friday, December 22, 2017

When you're sick after hours

Wouldn't it be nice if those of us with asthma could have a "simple cold" without it going into bronchitis?

Yeah, wishful thinking!

This was me 3 weeks ago. I knew it was coming - Hubby had bronchitis first, then it slowly went through all 3 kids and ended with me. Since I am a germaphobe and extremely careful at washing my hands, not touching my face, and disinfecting everything at home, I thought I had escaped the illness.

No such luck.

I knew I was in trouble one Sunday morning when I woke up and was still struggling to breathe even after I used my nebulizer. I had lost my voice and was also coughing up colored phlegm. I know from my Asthma Action Plan, that doc wants me on prednisone (oral steroid) and an antibiotic when that happens.

But, what to do on a Sunday morning? I had a few options:

  • My asthma specialist After Hours
  • My primary care doctor After Hours
  • Telemedicine (where I Facetime or Skype with a doctor)
  • Urgent Care
  • Emergency Department 

I decided to send a page my primary care doc since he has a better After Hours network. For those of you that are younger  - this is what we used before they had cell phones! You call the After Hours phone number, enter your cell or home phone number, then the pager beeps to alert the doctor to call a patient back at that number.  

Since I had lost my voice, Hubby had to answer my cell phone and explain that I was sick, had asthma, and needed a steroid and antibiotic (according to my Asthma Action Plan.)

Hubby found a 24 hour pharmacy (since my normal pharmacy is closed on Sundays), and Doc called in an antibiotic and steroid.

Since those of us with asthma can't wait until morning when the doctor's office opens, we need to know what to do after hours.

What do any of you do on a Sunday morning or evening when you get sick?


  1. Hi! I am just wondering if there is any way I can privately email with my questions and concerns about asthma?
    Thank you,


    1. Shannon, thanks for stopping by! I can't give medical advice, but you can email other questions to:

      You can also contact American Lung Association Lung Helpline. It's staffed by registered nurses and registered respiratory therapists. You can call/email/chat online!