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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's official - I hate neighborhood fireworks!

** You'll have to turn up your sound if you want to hear the video**

Yes, I love my country! In fact, we attend parades, decorate the entire house (inside and outside) with patriotic decorations and buntings.

I also LOVE watching "A Capitol 4th" and the other programs PBS broadcasts for Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. 

In fact, my dad was a waist gunner on a B-17 during WWII.  And I proudly display his old black and white photos with his squad.

But, none of those make it hard for me to breathe.

Fireworks do. 

I'm not against those fabulous aerial fireworks that the cities light off during festivals. 

I have a REALLY hard time with neighborhood fireworks. It's not just one neighbor lighting off fireworks and making the air smoky. It's a combination of street, after street, after street, of neighbors lighting off fireworks.

Not to mention all the sirens I hear and the firefighters probably rushing to yet another house fire or field fire - thanks to fireworks!

So, what's the answer?

I don't know. I can't tell neighbors that they can't light off fireworks. Although in some areas of our valley they are illegal due to fire risk.

I stay inside and keep the doors and windows shut. But am not sure what else we can do. I mean, I have to leave the house at times, and that means walking to my detached garage (about 10 steps.) That's all it takes for me to breathe in a little smoke and to wreak havoc on my lungs.

Sometimes it's just discouraging having asthma...


  1. I wish I could offer you some consolation beyond telling you you're not alone. The only way to avoid them that I know is impractical for most people. My brothers live so far in the hills that they're out of reach of the smoke. I don't and won't because I need the resources of a city.

    Fortunately for me, individuals' fireworks are illegal here. That doesn't stop anyone, but most of them happen after dark. I was able to stay indoors with the place closed up this year.

    1. Yes, not much you can do during the holidays besides stay inside with the windows and doors closed and the air cleaner on full blast. But that's not much fun!

  2. Both my grandaddies were WWII vets and both were heavy smokers and lived into their eighties. It is weird how that works sometimes. I'm in the hospital for a tune up, people with cf need them occasionally and they usually last for weeks. At least my husband set up camp here too, hospitals can be so lonely

    1. Wow....what I way to spend a few weeks! So glad your husband can stay with you. It's hard not to get restless when you are stuck in the hospital! Good luck - I hope they get you all tuned up! :)