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Monday, July 11, 2016

Make an anaphylaxis video today (seriously....deadline is today!)

Well......I'm VERY late in posting about this, but better late than never!

Sarah Jessica Parker has a son with severe food allergies, and he experienced anaphylaxis as a young child. Her son is now a teenager, but they learned a lot along the way.

She would like to hear about other families that deal with severe allergies (food, latex, stinging insects, and medication allergies) and anaphylaxis. 

You can make a short 5 minute video and submit it. Winners will get to premier their film in New York City!

The deadline is today, July 11th 2016!!!!

She teemed up with Anaphylaxis for REEL  - get it? Reel as in film reel?

What should you include in your video? In an email from Allergy & Asthma Network, it said:

"What are the challenges you face managing your allergies and avoiding anaphylaxis?"

"How do you overcome those challenges?"

"What do you want other patients and families to know about managing severe allergies?"

Grab your phone and start filming. Share your story.

Help other families. 

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