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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New tablet for dust mite allergies?

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My friend sent me an article about a new medicine that is going through drug trials right now. It's for dust mite allergies. If you want a little "light reading" (ha ha) you can read more about it from The Journal of the American Medical Association

Remember the Good Ol' Days when your kids had to have allergy shots for 3-5 years?! Now you may be able to skip shots and take a pill instead. YAY!! As the mother of 3, all of whom have allergies and asthma, it was awful to have to take my kids to allergy shots. 

Of course, none of my kids were on the same schedule. One wouldn't be doing shots, one would be doing shots once every other week. One would be having shots twice a week. So, for a 10 year period, we would go back and forth to the Asthma Doc's office. It got REALLY old. REALLY fast. 

The kids were young, so I would have to drag all 3 kids with me (whether they were getting shots or not.) And would also have to plan around school, soccer, swim lessons, dance, etc..

 But many people (like my kids) are allergic to a LOT of different things. So, pills for one allergen may never replace allergy shots. 

But, if you are just allergic to grass, or dust mites. This might work for you.

There are several pills already on the market for certain allergens.

Oralair was the first pill that came out for grass allergies. 

Grastek has also been approved for grass allergies.

Ragwitek has been approved for those allergic to Ragweed.   

Seriously....who comes up with these names??

I'm not sure when the new pill for dust mites will be approved by the FDA. (Or what wacky name they might give it.....)

You can read more about the study in this NPR article.   

Until then, pass the box of tissues!


  1. Have you ever had a time when the nebulizer had a thick mist and you could taste the albuterol? Ugh, too salty!! This nebulizer is on it's last leg after 12 years of service. Time to get a new one!! I always get shaky after a duoneb (albuterol +iprtropium) hard when I'm trying to type or write. Oh well, being shaky is better than not breathing well

    1. Especially trying to fill out a scantron after nebulizing. I'll have to ask disabilty services if they can accomodate for that

    2. Yes. Our nebulizer is 16 years old, it is a little salty. Maybe it's time for a new one!

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