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Monday, January 25, 2016

Found the cause for asthma?

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My friend saw an article in BBC news and shared it with me. I may have blogged about this already last year, but this a new article that says:

"Scientists at Cardiff University have identified the potential root cause of asthma for the first time, along with a new treatment."
Say what?? The article, titled "Cardiff University Scientists discover asthma's root cause"  is short, but says that the scientists have found the cause of asthma, a calcium recepting sensor - or CaSR.

They said they could use a drug that is already available, called calcilytics   
(those drugs are used to treat people that have bone-density problems like osteoporosis)

 And I had to listen to the video from Professor Daniela Riccardi about 3 times before I could figure out what she was saying. (Come on scientist - use regular people talk so we can figure out what you are saying!)

Anyway, check out the article and let me know what you think

Happy breathing!


  1. Try BetterAir. It helps reduce asthma attacks due to the fact that it takes away food from allergens.

  2. Try BetterAir. It helps reduce asthma attacks due to the fact that it takes away food from allergens.

  3. I have been coughing alot at night lately and my pulmonologist said my allergy medicine is too weak. I have been on clarinex but he now wants me to start allegra. I am also on hydroxyzine for anxiety which is actually metabolized into zyrtec in the body. So I will be double antihistamined. He also started me on hypertonic saline in the nebulizer while doing the vest. Pulmozyme alone isn't enough. At least I have the luxury of having a mutation that will make kalydeco effective.

    1. My daughter is on Allegra and Hydroxyzine too. It seems to help! I hope it helps you too!

  4. On an unrelated note, I went through the temple for the first time on Jan 29.

  5. Another point is people with asthma are at a higher risk for osteoporosis from steroid use.

    I have Addison's so I take prednisone several times a day. On top of that I have cf which also increases the risk. And it is hard getting the dose just right. You can't do a finger prick to test your cortisol levels like diabetes. I am very sensitive to any estrogen fluctuations and It causes mayhem in several body systems. That is affected by steroids so I have to be on the pill at a pretty high dose. Yeesh!!! And I forgot to mention, I got a job as a pharmacy tech in a facility that ships meds to nursing homes. Even though I have never worked in a "pharmacy" per se, I have tons of experience with taking so many meds

    1. Ha! You probably recognize many of the medications you are shipping out! :)