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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fun cartoon about asthma

I saw a great story on NBC news about comic books and a cartoon for kids with asthma. 

I'll try to include some information, but I am on SLOW speed today because I have a concussion. My brain and body aren't working the way they should. It takes a looooooong time for me to type on my computer, and I have to keep correcting my spelling. 
 I had to spend a week in bed, with dark rooms and low sounds. Limited TV and radio. Sigh. Not fun for a Type A personality!

But - back to the fun cartoon and video!

I wish this was around when my kids were little. This cartoon and coloring book series was created by a doctor, Dr. Alex Thomas, who also has asthma! He created these characters when he was only 11! He used to draw the cartoons for the newsletter for his mom's allergy patients. He is now also a pediatric allergy doctor.
The cartoon is easy to understand and has some cute characters. Iggy the Inhaler is dressed like a super hero. The Cowboy Sheriff is Bronco (as in bronchodilator - he "rescues" the muscles. Get it? A rescue inhaler that is a bronchodilator - or relaxes the muscles that are squeezing the airway from the outside.)
Sheriff Broncho releases the bands, but there is still swelling in the bronchial tube. So Coltron the Controller comes to help. 

The cartoon explains how Coltron the Controller has medicine that works for a long time. But Sheriff Broncho works fast as a rescue inhaler. 

Come to think of it, this cartoon would be good for adults too that have a hard time understanding the difference between controller (or maintenance) and rescue inhalers.

There are a lot of fun things on Iggy and the Inhalers website. Including trading cards, coloring books, videos, etc. 

Well, that's enough for today. I need to take a break and rest my brain. But I hope this helps any of your kids that need more help understanding asthma.

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