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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alert bracelet

I was watching a video the other day on Facebook, and it showed  a police officer who had pulled over a car. The officer had returned to his police cruiser to write a ticket. When the officer went back to the car, the driver had stopped breathing and had turned blue.

The dash cam was still turned on in his car, and it shows the officer trying to get the person to respond. He then pulls the person out and starts CPR. A passing motorist (an emergency room nurse) stops to help. The nurse asks the officer what happened. The officer doesn't know, and the nurse asks if the driver has a medical alert bracelet.

Then it hit me - I should be wearing a medic alert bracelet (or necklace, or some type of jewelry) to show that I have asthma! They also have medical alert jewelry for food allergies (I am allergic to seafood and carry an EpiPen). 

When Son #2 was younger, I always made him wear a medic alert bracelet. You know - the kind that you can get at the pharmacy. He was in the hospital 8 times when he was younger, and two of those times were ICU admissions. He had status asthmaticus (severe asthma that doesn't respond to regular treatment.) It was really scary. He could wake up with a cold and cough one morning, and be admitted to the hospital and put in ICU the next day. His asthma attacks hit hard and fast. And it always worried me. You can image how thrilled he was to have to wear a medic alert bracelet to school. I think he was secretly happy when it broke!

There are a LOT of different types of medical alert bracelets, necklaces, etc. I found a lot of companies that make them. Medical Info Products has:

  • Kids medical ID bracelets
  • Teens medical ID bracelets
  • Medical ID watches
  • or you can even make your own bracelet!
Full disclosure - I am not affiliated with any of the companies I am highlighting. I just wanted to show some options. MedID's  also has a lot of options. You can also find bracelets and necklaces on eBay and

IF something happened to you or a loved one, and you passed out. It would be VERY helpful to medical personnel to know that you have asthma and food allergies. That would help them know how to treat you.

Let's hope you never need it, but you never know........

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