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Monday, May 18, 2015

Asthma Blues

Just a short post today since I'm traveling (and I can't get a photo to upload.)

I met Al Keith at an asthma conference this month. He is an inspiring guy! He became a respiratory therapist after his daughter passed away as an infant. His daughter had an amazing respiratory therapist who inspired Al Keith to then become a respiratory therapist. His dedication and passion has impacted many lives over the years.

As a respiratory therapist, he provided asthma education to his patients. In 2002, he created Asthma Blues, which combines music and asthma education. The music CD uses different types of music (blues, country and rap) to teach people how to take care of their asthma. 

He uses guidelines from the NHLBI (National Heart Lung Blood Institute) to create the songs.

They are pretty funny - you can listen to one of the songs here and read the lyrics on the screen.

Studies have shown that the music and educational program are successful in helping people control their asthma.What a creative approach!

And what a wonderful man who took lemons and made lemonade (from the death of his daughter, to becoming a respiratory therapist to help other families.)

Hats off to Al Keith!

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