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Friday, January 16, 2015

Asthma and colds

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One of the frustrating things about having asthma, is that a cold to most people is just that - an annoying cold. For those of us with asthma, it's ALWAYS much worse.

I saw a story on Fox25 (Oklahoma City) that explains why. 
Here's a quote from Dr. Stanley Fineman, an asthma and allergy expert: 
"Because that asthmatic has airways that are very hyper-sensitive, they're already inflamed, so the virus does more damage in the asthmatic patients than they would do in somebody who doesn't have asthma,"
When you have asthma, your airways are very sensitive and it doesn't take much to push them over the edge. For myself and my three kids with asthma, a cold will turn into bronchitis or pneumonia (and another trip to be admitted to the hospital.) 

I picked up a cold from someone at work, but this time, it hit me a little different. Usually when I get a cold, I get the nasty cough  - the kind of cough where you are coughing so hard that you gag and throw up. Last year, I either pulled a muscle by my rib or broke a rib from coughing. It was soooo painful!!!

This year's cold almost shut my lungs down. I woke up one morning and was weak I could hardly breathe. Just changing out of my bathrobe left me out of breath.

I managed to drive myself to Asthma Doc's office (don't ask me how.....)

I could only speak in a whisper when I got there, I didn't have enough air in my lungs to talk. He didn't hear any bronchitis or pneumonia in my lungs , but I told him I can't seem to get any air in. 

He listened again closely and said I wasn't moving much air at all. Scary!! That same thing had put my kids in the hospital numerous times over the years. He prescribed a steroid to open up my lungs. (I am so weak that I am using the nebulizer for my rescue medication. I can't breathe in deep enough to use my inhaler. When I am that sick, it's easier to just lay there and breathe in the mist from the nebulizer.)   

 I staggered back home from the pharmacy and spent the next 3 days on the couch. There's probably still an indention in the couch where I laid!

If you are sick, PLEASE stay home from work!!!!! Especially if you have coworkers who have asthma. Remember, it may be an annoying cold to you, but to someone with asthma, a cold can be VERY dangerous and put them in the hospital!!


  1. Definitely! Asthma appears to be a nondescript diseas, which can be shooed away by an inhaler, but it does worsen and escalate in a way we may never imagine. It is particularly dangerous when it inflicts kids. Better take your kids to a specialist, as soon as signs start to alarm you. In any case, I hope that everyone is doing fine. Take care always!

    Angela Gibbs @ MedCare Pediatric

    1. Thanks for stopping by Angela, have a great week!

  2. My mother had really bad asthma for 17 years (1973 - 1990). In winter, she couldn't even walk to the corner without an attack. Someone told her to take zinc @ 75mg everyday with food and vitamin C. At 3 months she was cured. She did have to keep taking the zinc everyday if she didn't take it, after some weeks the wheezing would begin again. Also my father had to have 3 asthma treatments one day and he was given a bag of asthma medicines to take for life. He did what my mother did and in about 3 months, never again had to take asthma medicine again. Also, I've told many of my clients that have asthma and many have called me several months later to thank me from the bottom of their heart because either they or their loved one no longer has asthma.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no "cure" for asthma.

      This is from WebMD's website:
      "With all the new findings on alternative medicine and natural remedies, you may wonder if there’s a natural cure for asthma. Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma at this point. In fact, it’s highly advisable to avoid any asthma treatment or product -- natural or otherwise -- that claims to be a "cure" for asthma."

      To read more on this, you can cut and paste this link