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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cold temperatures can cause asthma attacks

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We live in an area with a lot of mountains, and although it hasn't snowed in the valley yet, the mountain tops have been dusted in snow.

When it gets cold enough to snow, it causes problems for my asthma. Cold temperatures are one of my asthma triggers. It's important to know what triggers your asthma, (or causes an asthma attack) because then you can avoid those things. 

Asthma triggers can be different for everyone:

Animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc)
Pollen (flowers, trees, bushes)
Certain foods or medicines
Irritants (smoke, strong scents)
Colds or the flu
Cold temperatures

 So, what do you do when you live in an area that is cold for most of the winter? Move to Hawaii of course!! Just kidding....although I would REALLY move to Hawaii if I could!

I pretend to be fashionable and wear a scarf. When I go outside, I can drape the scarf over my neck and mouth. That helps warm up the air before I breathe in. I also exercise indoors. For any of you that enjoy walking, many of the malls are open early for people to walk. 

If you are stuck outside and don't have a scarf, you can always do your "Darth Vader Impression." You can cup your hands over your mouth and warm up the air before you breathe in. I have actually done that until I could get back inside. 

Does anyone else have cold temperatures as an asthma trigger? I would be interested to know what anyone else has found that helps prevent asthma attacks from being out in the cold. 

Maybe a nice cup of hot chocolate......


  1. Although I'm a CFer I also find I cough more and have attacks from cold weather. My doctor reccomended taking my rescue inhaler before I know I will have to be outside for more than 10 minutes similar to how I would 15 minutes before excercise. Stay away from afrin nasal spray!!! I find it make my nose extremely cold and it would be better to have a stuffy nose than to be breathing in cold air. I always eat lots of warm soup and hot chocolate. They help open things up. Breathing through my nose whenever possible (which isn't pften because my nose is blocked) because the nose is designed to warm and moisten the air. Haha my mom would always turn on the stove and stand in front of it when she got cold.

  2. It must be drier in utah. I'm in humid Texas. Yesterday was miserable with cold rain and trying to walk across campus to get to my classes. Most of the country is supposed to be experiencing an arctic chill this winter. Air from the arctic north is supposed to come down and be trapped. I'Ll send you a link when I get on my laptop. I almost never see snow down here


    looks like is affecting the east and southern states.

  4. Just went to the pharmacy today and there's finally generic patanase!

    1. Yay for generic medicine!

      I saw that weather report, yikes! Yes, Utah is dry, our climate is a desert. We aren't getting any storms :(

      By the way, not only does the cold air bother me, but anything cold. I start coughing if I drink a soft drink with too much ice. I also start coughing when I eat yogurt or ice cream. Stupid body!!

      I hope you are doing well! Finals will be her before you know it! :)

  5. Asthma is common in most of the people who cross age of 40 or 50. In cold region more people get affected by asthma. So for those people there is availability of Albuterol which is use for the asthma treatment. But make sure that pregnant women are not able to use it. you can see its more details here
    and take your decision.

    1. That article is dangerous! Pregnant women can and should you albuterol if they need it! If not, you've got dead mother and baby

    2. You are right Nerdy gal.

      Asthma can be fatal. An average of 9 - 11 people die in the United States EACH DAY!

      So, each doctor must weight the risks and benefits of using albuterol during a pregnancy.