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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Worrying about your job increases risk of developing asthma?

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I'm a little bit of a nerd, because I love research studies. I am always looking for new studies or articles about asthma. 

The latest study I read was from WebMD. The story was originally published in Healthday News. A study done in Europe showed that the worry of losing your job could increase your risk for developing asthma.


The study interviewed 7,000 people in Germany in 2009-2011 and asked the employees questions "about the respiratory disorder and also on whether they thought they would lose their job within two years." During that time, there were 100 people that were diagnosed with asthma.

Here's a quote from the article:

The researchers noted that for every 25 percent jump in job-related stress, the risk for asthma also increased by 24 percent. The risk for asthma surged to 60 percent among those who thought it was highly likely they would lose their job.
The study did say that worrying about your job doesn't CAUSE asthma, but it can be a risk factor that can put you at increased risk for developing asthma. I guess they can't technically say that worrying can causes asthma, but it makes it more likely that you can develop asthma.

What to do about stress at work? Mayo Clinic has good information about dealing with stress. You can search for 'stress management' on your computer and come up with thousands of websites that offer ideas. 

Do a little research and find what it best for you. Some people use deep breathing exercise, and others use yoga. I wish I lived closer to a beach, because the sound of the waves really relax me.

I should book that trip to Hawaii now......


  1. In my country it's very difficult to have a job with chronic illnesses, like asthma. A lot of people like us must work illegally or emigrate, because most Polish employeers think that we are improductive or that we will all time on free days from doctor.
    According to Your last post about food allergies: I like shopping in Bosnia. Why? In Serbian language there are differents words for kinds of nuts, completely different, so You can easily make difference between almond or peanut. I think the same is in English. In Polish language - there is no difference or is, but little. In shop You can read the label: "Contain some nuts" - but what kind of nuts? Even if You are specialist of Polish language, You must guess...
    I wish You good trip! :)

    1. That is a little scary! "Contain some nuts" could mean anything!!

      It's interesting how some people are allergic to peanuts, some people are allergic to tree nuts, and some people are allergic to both!

      Scary to not know what is in your food :(

  2. That makes sense!! When I worry, I sometimes break out into hives, so worrying could release histamine.

    1. Our bodies are so complex! It's amazing that they work as well as they do sometimes! :)

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