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Monday, September 8, 2014

Scary virus hospitalizing kids with asthma

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I am REALLY worried about a new virus that has hit 10 states already,  made over 1,000 kids sick so far and hospitalized numerous kids - including many in ICU (the intensive care unit.)

My stomach has butterflies in after watching the story on ABC news called "Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely To Hit Kids Across Country."

I have asthma, as do all three of my teenagers. When they were younger, Son #2 and daughter Kitty were hospitalized 12 separate times for asthma - 2 of those were in ICU. So when I hear about a new virus that is affecting kids with asthma, I am VERY nervous.

The story says that children under 5 are at the highest risk of being hospitalized, but even teenagers are ending up in ICU. 

One teenager interviewed in this story, was a little sick one day (he had a runny nose and a cough) and the next day he was in ICU. That teenager turned blue on day 2, was rushed to the ICU and was given an emergency breathing tube (a ventilator.) Scary stuff!!!
 I have had Son #2 suddenly end up in ICU, it's scarey how fast kids can get deathly ill.

One of the doctor's at Children's Hospital of Colorado, Dr. Christine Nyquist, said 
"the virus usually ends up appearing similar to a severe cold but can be particularly dangerous for children with asthma because of how it affects the respiratory system."
"The kids are coming in with respiratory symptoms, their asthma is exacerbated," Nyquist said. "Kids with no wheezing are having wheezing." 

Webmd explains wheezing as  a sort of whistling sound. With my kids, it is almost a windy squeak at the end of when they breath out. Kind of a weird sound, but once you hear it, you will never forgot it. Their website also tells you when to go to the doctor.

If you have ANY doubt about your child/if they don't seem to be breathing right, call your doctor - don't wait. He may want you to bring your child to his office right away or drive to the nearest emergency room. This illness travels fast, and kids with asthma can go from bad to worse MUCH fast kids without lung problems.

They also recommend making sure you have all of your kids asthma medicine, inhalers, nebulizers etc near by. 

I'm worried, worried, worried.....




  1. Oh, it looks like epidemy (1000 sick children and more...). It doesn't seems well. Keep well and warm!
    Did You try garlic as a method against viruses?
    I greet You from Cracow, South Poland, where we have nice and sunny weather :)

    1. Oh sure, brag about your nice weather! We are getting lots of rain!

  2. Well, viruses don't survive outside their host very long since they depend on another cell to survive, so it's not as scary as it would be if it was a bacterial infection. My doctor recommended me and my roomate throw away out tissues seperate from the regular trash, then I pour bleach on them. It helps prevent me from getting bugs with my weak immune system.

    1. Smart doctor! You can never be too careful! Hope you stay well :)

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