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Friday, July 18, 2014

Done with allergy shots!!!!!

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This is how I feel!!!! I am SO excited because the last of my three teenagers just finished allergy shots (immunotherapy.) We have been going to Asthma Doc's office weekly (or every other week) for the last 10 years!!! It's time for a we-are-done-with-shots-party!!

That's a LOT of time at Asthma Doc's office.....and that's just for allergy shots - that doesn't include all the sick visits or check ups.

For those of you who haven't had allergy shots, it's a LONG process. It takes anywhere from 3-5 years. Allergy shots are for people who are taking allergy medicine, and taking other precautions (keeping the windows closed in the car and house, showering before bed at night to remove pollen from their hair and skin, etc) and still being miserable from allergies. 

If you are doing all you can for your allergies, and you are STILL sneezing all day (and waking up your family because you are also sneezing all night long....) Or you're having itchy eyes and an itchy throat, talk to an allergy and asthma doc. There is help! He can do a blood test or a skin prick test to find out what allergens are causing problems for you. Then you get your very own bottle of serum that is mixed with allergens that cause problems for you. 

My teenagers started out going for allergy shots (one in each arm) twice a week - that's four shots a week! Shot Nurse will start out with a tiny amount of serum and gradually increase it. 

Everyone is different - some people have a tiny bump from the shot, other people can have an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis.)  It is VERY important that you stay at Asthma Doc's office for 20 minutes EVERY time you have shots!!  You can die from an allergic reaction, but Asthma Doc can quickly treat you and save your life if you are in the office. Believe me - it happened to Son #1. He experienced an allergic reaction after shots. I never want to see something like that for as long as I live. It was awful, luckily Shot Nurse was able to save my son's life.

 Anyway, at some point, they will tell you that you can come once a week for shots. (If the bumps on your arm stay small.) Then you will get to the point that you go in every other week.

Then, your body may finally be able to tolerate the allergens in your serum. You may go through several vials of allergy serum over the years. Ours is covered by insurance, we just pay a small co-pay for the serum. (We don't have to pay for an office visit each time.)

It's a long process, and all of my kids were going at different times. Son #2 was on year 3 of allergy shots (and going once a week) when Son #1 started allergy shots (so we had to take him twice a week.) 
As Son #2 was finishing his last year of shots, daughter Kitty started shots (so we were back to twice a week visits.) Sigh. I spent a LOT of time at Asthma Doc's office.

BUT - Kitty no longer wakes me up at night because she is sneezing. My teenagers can pet a dog or cat without having problems. Kitty can play soccer without having problems (from the grass.)

We're starting to feel like a normal family. But, as Hubby reminds me - "Normal is a relative term."  

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  1. Congratulations! I wish You good effects.
    I had an offer for shots, but here in Poland it is very expensive - even generic, made in my country shots are too expensive party for me, and my crazy organism is one big riddle, so I don't know what will it give me in real world.
    Greetings from hot Cracow :)