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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Girl's Camp

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Daughter Kitty is headed to camp. Now that she is a teenager, she didn't want me anywhere around when I dropped her off with the rest of the girls. She did the dismissive hand wave and said, "You can go now." 

Oh sure, that's the thanks I get as a parent?!

I spent hours helping her pack all her gear! And camping is always more fun with allergies and asthma. Most kids just pack camp basics but it's different when you have allergies and asthma.We have to pack a LOT of medicine and boxes of tissues!

At home, she showers EVERY night to remove pollen and dust from her hair and skin. It helps reduce her sniffing, sneezing, and swollen eyes. She won't be able to do that at Girl's Camp - no showers! They are low on water this year. So now what? The only thing we could think of was to send a big package of baby wipes. She'll have to use those to wipe off her skin and hair every night. Sometimes her allergies are so bad that she has to lay with a wet washcloth on her face. So I sent up a few extra wash cloths too.

She also has her inhaler in case the allergies trigger an asthma attack.

Camping and allergies don't mix. But they have a camp nurse there, along with adult leaders. We have talked to them about her allergies, so we'll just have to see how she does. If she can't last the week, we can go and pick her up.

Until then, I'll enjoy not having her sigh and roll her eyes. Being a mom is so much fun!!!


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