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Monday, April 2, 2012

Advair inhaler instead of the disc

I know that I have already blogged about this before, but I keep meeting people who have never heard of an Advair inhaler. Even doctors don't know it is available. Most people only know about the Advair disc.

There are some people who don't like the "taste" of Advair. (Or should I say they don't like the powder in the Advair disc. )The Advair disc has two medicines in it to help with your asthma symptoms. It MUST be taken every day. If you wait until you are sick to start on a daily controller medication, it will be too late. That's the mistake we made when we were first learning about asthma, and my kids ended up hospitalized frequently until we figured out how to treat their asthma.

For those of you who hate the powder, there's another option-an Advair inhaler. It's the same medicine, but in an inhaler version. Many people are used to their rescue inhalers, so to have their maintenance medication also be in an inhaler makes it easier for them.

Remember that you still need to rinse your mouth out after using your inhaler and spit the water out. I also use my Advair right before breakfast so I can eat right after using it. Both of those things will help prevent thrush. If you've ever had the white infection on your tongue from thrush, it's no fun! It can be hard to get the thrush infection under control. So-rinse your mouth out!Every time! And spit the water out. I have found that it helps to eat too.

I have put a picture of the Advair inhaler on here. One of my friends used it to show her doctor, she was telling me how her daughter wouldn't use her Advair disc. So I suggested she get the Advair inhaler instead. She didn't know they made an Advair inhaler, so I took a picture of Son #2's inhaler and sent it to her. She kept it on her phone and then showed the doctor, who was also surprised to learn that they made an Advair inhaler!

Since it isn't common, the pharmacy most likely will have to order one in for you. And I'm not sure what different insurance companies will do. They should cover the Advair inhaler, just like they cover the Advair disc. BUT insurance companies are notorious for doing strange things. So check with your insurance company so you don't get stuck paying for the whole bill.

Happy shopping!


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  2. That's odd, in the UK we have Seretide which is the same thing by the same company just under a different name. My pharmacy had it in stock, and it was the second choice of my asthma nurse (after Fostair which isn't licensed for under 18s). I had no idea that it was harder to get in the US!

    1. This blog was from a few years ago, I think the inhaler may be more commonly used now.

      Sometimes it can be hard keeping up with new medications!!

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