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Friday, January 20, 2012

Neti pots and brain eating infections?!

 I just read an article that talked about how two people in Louisiana died from a brain infection after using contaminated water in their neti pots.

Neti pots are used to rinse out your sinuses, some people say it is just as effective as antibiotics for sinus infections. However, you have to make sure that the water is sterile. You should buy a gallon of sterile, distilled water, or you can boil your water (and then wait until it cools to use in your neti pot.)

The problem is that contaminated water can get into your sinus area and then go your brain and cause infections. Yes, it is rare, but it can happen. (And would you want to be the one it happens to?!)

Most of the rare brain infections occur when people splash or inhale contaminated water from warm water sources (lakes, rivers, hot springs or poorly maintained swimming pools.) The article says it happens mostly in the southern states. It's a puzzle as to why other people can be in the same water, but not get sick.

To read more about the story, click here.

So, just another random piece of information for you. Remember to use sterile, distilled water in your neti pots.


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