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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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I am watching with interest the story on ABC news about the Los Alamos fire. (Hopefully that link works, my player on my laptop wouldn't show the video, but maybe yours will)

Fires make me really nervous, Son #2 came close to "cashing in his chips" after a forest fire in our valley several years ago. It was 4th of July weekend about 10 years ago, and there was a forest fire that caused the smoke to blanket the valley. Fires are scarey because they can change direction quickly and the smoke can change direction as well.

Son #2 was outside playing with friends while the smoke slowly crept into the valley, and before we knew it, he was in trouble. Breathing treatments didn't work, and we quickly ended up in the Emergency Room, where things went from bad to worse. He continued to decline, and we found out later that they had the "crash cart"outside his room in case he quite breathing. And he came VERY close to that.

If you have asthma, stay indoors if there's a fire! Luckily, we have central air, so we can keep the windows closed up and stay safe (and keep breathing) inside. I know that fires draw people to the hillside, they are mesmerized by the flames and the excitement of all the people.
If you can stay away, do it! Fires can be unpredictible, even fire fighters have lost their lives when the wind or fire suddenly shifted.

And I noticed in the story on ABC news, that people at the emergency shelter where complaining about not being able to breath. How many of them have asthma? It's a scarey thought.
If you need to evacute, do it quickly! After Son #2's experience with the forest fire, I was a bit shell shocked. So when another fire occured a couple of years later, as soon as I smelled smoke, I packed up our duffle bags and headed out of town. We drove 5 hours away to visit grandma, and be able to breathe.

Don't take any chances, fires are deadly, and as all of you with asthma know, everything is magnified with asthma. What may be make a normal person "uncomfortable" can cause us to quit breathing.

And to all of the firefighters, THANK YOU! for putting your life on the line so we can keep breathing. Please be careful.


  1. That fire is 50 miles from us, we have 24 fires in NM right now. The Wallow fire immediately crapped Alorah's breathing out but she as done "okay" since. We just got back from National Jewish so we will see how she does with this fire (and all the others). They scare the shiz-nit out of me, too :(

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