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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mold Dogs

Mold Dogs

I was at a performance for hubby and Son #1's bagpipe and celtic band, when I saw an ad for "Mold Dogs" pop up on the screen listing sponsors.

What in the world is a "mold dog?" I went to their website, and it said they apparently have a dog that is trained to sniff out and detect mold. It would be a less messy way to detect where the mold is in the walls than what we had to do-have the certified contractor rip away parts of the ceiling and wall until there was no more mold! (Of course they were wearing hazmat suits at the time and had professional grade respirators on)

It's well know that dogs have a much keener sense of smell and taste then humans. I once read an article that said dogs don't just smell a cake baking, they can smell the eggs, sugar, vanilla, etc.

So it makes sense that they could detect mold. Other dogs have been trained to detect cancer, seizures, even death.

I can't vouch for the company, I don't know anything about them , but if it looks interesting I am including the link. I hope I NEVER need to call them, I've had more than my share of mold issues in this house and our previous house. But if you're curious, here's the link-

Woof! I mean good luck!

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