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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, about triggers. I already mentioned mine being cold temperatures (and of course dust, and anything green that grows)

My #1 son (that's what his grandpa calls him- he can't keep all the grandkids' names straight) has exercise induced asthma. I can always tell when he's been playing ultimate frisbee with his friends, because I can hear him coughing all night. You would think by now he would automatically use his inhaler before he goes......he also has problems with respiratory infections making his asthma worse (as do most people with asthma).

My #2 son has problems with emotions-every time he starts his hearty laugh, it instantly turns into a cough. He is also allergic to all animals and anything green that grows. The biggest worry is his tree nut allergy. We've had several problems with that, it's nice that they now list on food labels that a food was "produced in the same factory that processes tree nut products". We still carry Bendadryl strips and an epi pen everywhere we go. And I have to inspect all the food first if we're not eating at home. Respiratory infections also go straight to his lungs. There's no such thing as "just a cold" for him.

Kitty (our youngest) also has multiple triggers. When they did her scratch test to prepare her serum for allergy shots, the only thing she wasn't allergic to was rats. The nurse jokingly suggested we could have a pet rat! She is also affected by respiratory infections.

Even knowing about all their triggers, it's hard to protect them. We can't live in a bubble, but we try to minimize exposure any time we can. That's easier said than done.

Fridays I'm going to do "Flashback Fridays" to some fun asthma episode. Ah, good times! NOT!

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